March 2018

With torrential rain bringing floods to large parts of the UK over the past weeks the Fire and Rescue service had more than 700 flood-related call-outs after a series of heavy downpours so it is worth thinking about the vast clean up operation that is now under-way.

Thermotube tubular heaters have always been a great low cost way to prevent and to cure damp that can occur in garage walls, inside cupboards or wardrobes and basements. Available in 6 sizes, 1ft through to 6ft, with the option of banking them two high to double the output required you can be pretty sure that there is a solution to suit your needs.

Did you know that based on a cost of 14.5p per kWh a single 60W (1 foot) tube heater cost just £6.47 per month to run based on the heater being left on 24hrs a day for a whole month! With most airing cupboards requiring just one 60W heater it means that you can have a damp proof cupboard for very little money and it is also worth remembering that the Thermotube heaters can be controlled by either an electronic thermostat or a standard room thermostat so costs could be further reduced.

The Thermo Products tube heaters are made, tested and dispatched from Taplow, Berkshire so you can be assured that you are buying the best quality tube heater for your home or work.