Tubular Heater Spares

As a UK manufacturer of tube heaters we are able to offer a complete range of spares that would be required for our brand of Thermotube heater.

Tube Heater Brackets Complete Linking Kit Electrical Connector Kit
Tube Heater Brackets TBX1-PK Twin Linking Kit TBX2-PK Tube Heater Link Connector


The Thermotube heater has been designed to be left on for extended periods of time but in some instances it may be necessary for the tube heater to be controlled.

IP56 ThermostatFor greenhouse installations a IP56 Weatherproof Air Thermostat is the perfect greenhouse thermostat as it is able to control not only our electric tube heaters but also electric cooling devices. All the electronics are housed in a grey plastic weatherproof box meaning this thermostat gives accurate temperature control for a range of 0c to 40c.

The sensor is clipped to the outside of the box but can be located up to 1.5m’s away by pulling through the capillary tube and securing with the spare retaining clip which is provided.

If a thermostat is required to control the tube heater then any standard room stat or frost stat from manufacturers such as Danfoss, HoneyWell or TimeGuard will work perfectly with the Thermotube.

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