For many years now, in fact since 1948, we have been making our tubular heaters without the need of an in-built thermostat or a thermal cut-out.

Recently with the influx of tube heater products from Asia some of these manufacturers have been making their tubular heaters with thermostats, a small radial dial that sits in the end of the tube heater and that is numbered from 1 to 6 that monitors the internal temperature of the plastic endcap, not the air temperature.
As you are aware heat rises and as it does it forces the cold air down to where these tube heaters are normally placed. Meaning that the ‘thermostat’ is not going to be recording the room temperature at normal level.

Our tubular heaters have been designed to work standalone or in a circuit with multiple other heaters and in conjunction with any standard room thermostat or frost-stat. By doing this you can place the thermostat where you want the temperature to be monitored from – this could be half way up a wall in a cupboard or underneath a shelf that has your favourite plants on. Meaning that you have an accurate and potentially energy saving heating device.

We mentioned that some heaters are built with thermal cut-outs as a safety feature, Themotubes have been designed to eliminate the need for a thermal cut-out because of their unique element design our tube heaters will always operate at their designed temperature.  This means that the performance of a Thermotube is much greater than any of its competition.